Rank for page 1 on Google with Live Event Blaster 2.0

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Have you tried everything imaginable to rank for page 1 on Google


Trust me, I know what it’s like!


There’s nothing more disappointing than having spent months trying to rank for page 1 on Google, only to see it all fail! If you are like most people, you probably well, but then nothing happens, and before long you end up lower than place 50+ or lower.


What you really need is access to a software that can quickly get you back on track again. To avoid being left behind, you really need someone who can explain how the technology works step by step in simple words without all the complicated jargon.

rank for page 1

That’s why today, I’m delighted to share with you our brand new Live Event app that is capable of ranking your site on page 1 on google fast. I know that it may sound unbelievable, but in a moment you’ll see how it all works, so just keep watching.


My name is Borge Hansen and for the last 8-10 years I’ve tried to reach page 1 on google.

rank for page 1

That’s why today I’m proud to share with you our latest creation, Live Event Blaster 2.0. Now even I can hit page 1!


And best of all you will not be charged any monthly fees. I will not even charge you $250. It all comes down to a one time payment of $39.95.


Take action now and hit page 1 on Google like I did.

rank for page 1

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